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Marcia C Calhoun
Posted on the 2022-06-04 at 20:00
A  Memorial Service is being held in for our beloved Mrs. Felecia Rowe on Saturday, Jun11, 2022, at 11 am at Christ Episcopal Church in downtown Dayton. Mrs. Rowe passed away on February 13, 2022, 3 days after her 93rd birthday. RIP dear teacher.  Marcia Pabst Calhoun
Marcia C Calhoun
Posted on the 2021-01-23 at 19:00
Greetings!  February 10 is the 92nd birthday of our beloved teacher Mrs. Rowe.  I keep in touch with her by phone and she is doing reasonably well. She likes to talk politics (as do I. LOL) She loves to get mail so send her a card.  Stay well.  Thanks.  Marcia Pabst Calhoun Mrs. Felecia Rowe Friendship Village   Health Center 5790 Denlinger Rd. Trotwood, OH 45426
marcia pabst calhoun
Posted on the 2020-05-15 at 20:00
Everyone doing OK?  Sorry we had to postpone our party but will be on stand-by!! Best wishes to all. :)  Marcia C  
Dan West
Posted on the 2020-04-05 at 20:00
I hope you're all doing well with all that is going on. I have mentioned to people that I gauge every year in my life by 1968, and so far I'm not sure about 2020. It's still a little early to tell. I hit the trifecta for this plague, I'm 70, I have asthma, and my immune system is not very robust due to radiation exposure. Fortunately, even though I am still working, I work from home most of the time, now all of the time, so my exposure can be curtailed. I am in Champaign Illinois, home of U of I, and the population is down 30% since the students were sent home for the rest of the school year. Take care of you and yours, thanks for reaching out. Dan West (formerly SSgt Dan West, USAF)
Jim Woesner
Posted on the 2020-04-05 at 20:00
For all those making entries, please use a larger font.  My weak eyes require that.  Also, sure glad to have a spell checker-my weak brain requires that.  This last weekend, I flipped through our yearbook page by page.  It brought back good memories.  In this comment section, I read Dan West's June 6, 2018 letter to his daughters describing the historic events that happened during our high school years. I asked Dan if I could use this letter to send to my son and daughter.  My message to my children is that we will make it through these times as we did in our time.   the events happenings   If you have not done so, read Dan West's post on June 6, 2018.  It is a great summary of the historic time that we travel in our high school years.  
Cindy Moeller
Posted on the 2020-04-04 at 20:00
Hello!  As some of you know, for the last few years I have been working on trying to connect with our "missing mates."  It's pretty amazing how many people I have found through a combination of,, facebook, linkedin, etc.  BUT we are still looking for about 20 people.  Please take a look at the "missing mates" section of our website.  If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please ask them to contact Dan Boda or me ... or you could let Dan or me know how to contact them.  Thanks so much!  Hope to see many of you at our 70th birthday party!  Cindy
Judy Lutes Day
Posted on the 2020-04-04 at 20:00
Hi all,  doing my part to stay in touch with personal updates...  I am 'safe' at home finally able to get out in the yard and fiddle.  I've been walking in our parks and around my neighborhoods.  Love all the signs of spring and spring colors.  I have been writing notes to folks at the nursing home I used to visit.  Wish I could do more for the community.  When this is over, I hope to return to volunteering at Five Rivers Metro Parks, Heartland Hospice and Dayton Metro Library.  But saying that, I've got to remember an article I read this morning to use this time to be curious about things I can now learn because I have the time for myself.  Whew!  Better keep the newspaper article or I will not remember my resolve!!  Take care see you soon.
Larry Mann
Posted on the 2020-04-04 at 20:00
Hi Dan,  Great to hear from you; am at end of 3rd week at home, doing a lot of piano playing, reading, and eating massive quantities of food. Just for the record, there are a few of us classmates who ARE still in our 60's, but that won't last long! My company was to have a grand opening of a beautiful furniture showroom, which, of course, did not happen. Am still residing in New Albany; will patiently wait for this crisis to end. Have been keeping in touch with Buddy Kahn. After enjoying those great photos from recent reunions, I now regret not having attended. Hope you and your family are well. Be safe;  best regards,  Larry Mann.  
Marcia Pabst Calhoun
Posted on the 2020-04-03 at 20:00
Greetings to all. Dan B said we should do updates on the website. Not sure if this is the right location but since when did I care about that?! If you don't know... Our 70th birthday party for July, 2020  is postponed, as is life as we know it. Will establish a later date so be alert. (snooze...z.z.z) I am being as active as both our stay home policy and my progressing arthritis allows. Active in my "causes" as able on internet. Larry is wonderful help and we laugh a lot. As do all,  I miss my kids and grandkids but we all stay in touch frequently. I regret I can't take my nursing skills and help somehow but "Gotta play the cards we 're dealt!!" Best wishes to all;  may God bless you and keep you. Marcia 
Dan Boda
Posted on the 2020-04-03 at 20:00
This page of our web site is a great place to keep your classmates up to date. This is such a unique time; we haven't experienced such a thing in our life. We have postponed the July 70th birthday party and will try to be ready by September. A date will be set shortly. I am in Florida, helping care for new twin grandsons. We are all isolated and safe here. Probably will return to Columbus at the end of April. Our class of '68 has stayed close over the years and we are interested in your current situation and how you are. Let us know by posting here. Be healthy and safe and we hope to "See You in September."
marcia pabst calhoun
Posted on the 2019-01-18 at 19:00
If you want to send a birthday card to Mrs. Felicia Rowe for her 90th birthday on Feb. 10, 2019, contact me for her address!  
marcia pabst calhoun
Posted on the 2018-08-02 at 20:00
Last night the "committee" of Dayton folks plus Cols. Urbana, and SC met for a great "meeting"... mostly a party.... at Dee Dee Matthews Edward's home. Great fun, great food  and drink. Sue's herding of cats to finalize the book that is coming out was a challenge!   Kudos to all and thanks again Dee and Susie Carter Evans who is the editor.  Lots of fun!  Marcia Pabst Calhoun
Marcia Pabst Calhoun
Posted on the 2018-06-27 at 20:00
           I HAD SO MUCH FUN !!!!!             Marcia Pabst Calhoun      :)   
Margaret Kerman Robinson
Posted on the 2018-06-27 at 20:00
Had a wonderful time at our 50th class reunion. Enjoyed see classmates that I haven\'t seen in years and getting reconnect with. May FHS live forever in our hearts.
Irvin Moscowitz
Posted on the 2018-06-26 at 20:00
I want to thank the reunion committee for the fabulous job and the huge undertaking they did putting together the 50th reunion.  I thought it  was remarkable putting all of those pieces together and I thought that it just couldn't have been better.  Well deserved congratulations are in order and I think everyone who attended would agree.  You're hired for life now. Speaking for myself, it made me feel great. Irvin Moscowitz
Dan West
Posted on the 2018-06-19 at 20:00
This was a letter I wrote to my three daughters on June 5th, 2018. Beloved daughters, Fifty years ago today, June 5th, 1968, I graduated from Fairview High School. When I awoke that morning, I heard that Senator Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) had been shot in the back of his head after winning the California Democratic primary the evening prior. He was pronounced dead at 4:44am Eastern Time the next morning, June 6th. Even those who were not supporters of the Senator were shocked. His brother JFK had been assassinated in Dallas less than five years earlier; Martin Luther King, Jr., had been assassinated two months and one day before RFK, followed by the burning and destruction of many American cities.   It seems that every American generation has a day, a month, a year that feels like the critical period that defined that generation…the Great Depression, World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, 9-11 in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. 1968 was the year that produced many “where were you when…” moments for my generation. There is a reason so many documentaries about the events of 1968 are on television and the internet during this 50th anniversary year. Here is a summary of my senior year of high school, including some items that were less than critical events, but still memorable for their cultural significance.   January 23rd - North Korea seizes the USS Pueblo, claiming the surveillance ship strayed into its waters. One U.S. crewman is killed and 82 others are imprisoned; an 11-month standoff with the United States follows. War with North Korea seemed imminent at several junctures until the release of the crew that December.   January 30th - North Vietnamese communists launch the Tet Offensive against multiple cities in the South, their largest incursion of the 10-year conflict. The assault contradicts the Johnson administration’s claims that communist forces were weak and the U.S.-backed South is winning the war. Although US and South Vietnamese forces recovered territory and strongholds that were initially overrun by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong rebels, killing at least 100,000 enemy troops in the process, reaction in the United States marked the beginning of disillusionment by nearly all sectors of American society.   February 27 - Walter Cronkite, in a CBS-TV special on his recent tour of Vietnam, says the U.S. war effort is “mired in stalemate” and amplifies public skepticism of the war. American citizens’ support of ongoing military action in Vietnam declines significantly.   March 16 - New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy enters the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Following the lead of Eugene McCarthy, Kennedy is the second Democratic candidate to challenge a sitting president of his own political party.   March 31 – As political and war pressures mount, President Lyndon B. Johnson, who in 1964 won 61 percent of the popular vote, announces he is not running for re-election.   April 4 - Martin Luther King Jr., in Memphis for the sanitation workers’ strike, is fatally shot on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel. Gunman James Earl Ray, a white supremacist, flees the country. Over the next week, riots in more than 100 cities nationwide leave 39 people dead, more than 2,600 injured and 21,000 arrested.   April 23 - Students take over five buildings on Columbia University’s campus and briefly hold a dean hostage, calling for the university to cut its ties to military research. Before dawn on April 30th administrators call in the police, who respond with about 1,000 officers. More than 700 people are arrested, and 132 students, four faculty and 12 officers are injured. This is the most prominent take-over to date of a university campus by students. Many more incidents across the U.S. occur as the war in Vietnam continues with no clear objective defined or end in sight.   April 29 - Hair opens on Broadway and runs for more than 1,700 performances, introducing mainstream theatergoers to sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll, and draft resistance.   May 6 - A riot breaks out between police and more than 5,000 university students in Paris. Within a week workers throughout France are staging sympathy strikes, threatening the French economy.   May 10 - The United States and North Vietnam begin peace talks in Paris. Negotiations continue for nearly five years before a peace treaty is signed.   June 4 - Robert F. Kennedy, gaining momentum in his presidential campaign, wins the California primary, and is shot in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in the early hours of June 5th. Gunman Sirhan Sirhan, a Jordanian citizen of Palestinian descent, is captured at the scene.   June 5 - I graduate from high school the evening of June 5th.   June 6 - Robert F. Kennedy dies of a gunshot wound to the head, 26 hours after being shot.   June 7 – My 18th birthday.   June 8 - James Earl Ray is arrested in London. Extradited to the United States, he pleads guilty to murdering Martin Luther King, Jr.   July 18 - Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce incorporate their microprocessor manufacturing firm. After rejecting the name “Moore Noyce” as too close to “more noise,” they eventually settle on Intel.   August 5–8 - The Republican National Convention formally nominates Richard Nixon for president.   August 20 - The Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia, halting the expansion of freedom by the Czechoslovakian government known as Prague Spring. NATO and the western powers do nothing except formally complain and condemn.   August 26 - “Hey Jude,” the first Beatles single issued on their Apple label (no connection to Steve Jobs’ Apple), is released in the U.S. At more than seven minutes, it becomes the longest song to hit Number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.   August 28 - At the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, police and Illinois National Guardsmen go on a rampage, clubbing and tear-gassing hundreds of antiwar demonstrators, news reporters, and bystanders, with much of the violence broadcast on national TV. The next day, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, perceived as the heir of Johnson’s war policies, wins the Democratic nomination, mostly through delegates controlled by party bosses. Walter Cronkite labels the action a “police riot”.   September 9 - Arthur Ashe wins the U.S. Open, becoming the first black man to win a Grand Slam tennis tournament.   September 24 - CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes” debuts. It is now the longest continuously running prime-time program in U.S. history.   September 30 - Boeing rolls out the 747 Jumbo Jet, the biggest passenger plane the world has seen to date. The aircraft is 231 feet long with wings spanning 196 feet and seats for 490.   October 2 - In Mexico City, police and troops fire on a student-led protest, killing or wounding thousands. The precise number is still unknown.   October 16 - At the Olympic Games in Mexico City, Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos receive the gold and bronze medals in the 200-meter dash, then raise black-gloved fists during the U.S. national anthem to protest violence toward and poverty among African-Americans. The next day, the International Olympic Committee strips their medals and sends them home.   October 31 - In an attempt to help Hubert Humphrey win the presidency by securing peace in southeast Asia, Lyndon Johnson orders a halt to all air, naval, and artillery bombardment of North Vietnam. Nixon and his aides secretly communicate with communist leaders in North Vietnam telling them to avoid further peace initiatives to help elect him. Nixon promises the communists a “better deal” if they stall the peace talks and ensure his election. The war continues for five more years – more bombs are dropped in Vietnam and more Americans killed after Nixon takes office than before he became Commander-in-Chief. This type of action is known 50 years later as collusion and election meddling. Nixon resigns in 1974 after the Watergate scandal and one year later the United States abandons military and economic support of the South Vietnamese government.   November 5 - Nixon wins the presidency, beating Humphrey by just 0.7 percent of the popular vote. Segregationist candidate George Wallace carries five Southern states.   November 9 - Yale University, after 267 years, decides to admit female undergraduates, beginning  in 1969.   November 20 - Consolidation Coal’s No. 9 mine in Farmington, West Virginia, explodes, killing 78 miners and becoming a catalyst for new mine-safety laws.   November 26 - O.J. Simpson of USC wins the Heisman Trophy. In 1999, it is auctioned for $255,500, which goes toward the $33.5 million civil judgment against him for the killing of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her companion Ronald Goldman.   December 9 – Xerox engineer Douglas Engelbart delivers a 90-minute demonstration at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco and introduces the world’s first mouse and word processor. Very few people take note of the technical and cultural significance for nearly 20 years.   December 21-27 - Apollo 8 becomes the first manned spacecraft to orbit the Moon and return safely to Earth. During the mission the “Earthrise” photograph is taken. On Christmas Eve astronauts Lovell, Borman, and Anders read from Genesis chapter 1, providing a comforting end to a turbulent year.   After the return of Apollo 8 to Earth, Astronaut Frank Borman stated, "We got millions of telegrams after we landed, but the one I remember most was, 'Congratulations to the crew of Apollo 8. You saved 1968.’”  
Doug Hauff FHS \65
Posted on the 2018-03-17 at 20:00
Planning Commitee,
Would you be interested in adding a print of my ink drawing of
FHS in your reunion book? Please call me @ 513-406-0007 or contact me
I can mail you a copy at anytime.
Doug Hauff
Timothy Wolf
Posted on the 2018-02-03 at 19:00
If there are any classmates that remember my brother Dan Wolf and would like to contact me to talk about him my email address is
Dwight Woessner
Posted on the 2018-01-21 at 19:00
My brother, Jim Woessner, recently had heart surgery. Any classmates who wish to drop a note or call, here is the contact info: 3820 Stoneyridge Drive, Kettering, OH 45429 937-901-2610 I'm sure he would appreciate hearing from his mates. Dwight - FHS class '66
Timothy Wolf
Posted on the 2018-01-18 at 19:00
I want to thank you for including my brother Dan Wolf in the memorial section. I can\'t believe that it has e fifty years since he graduated. If there are any members that remembered Dan would like to contact me to keep in touch, I would appreciate it. Also, about Charles Settles the last I heard was that he was in Houston, Texas. I also remember Carla Corrello and she has been on my mind lately wondering how she is doing. So again thank you for including Dan.
marcia pabst calhoun
Posted on the 2018-01-11 at 19:00
So how is everyone doing on their diet prior to the reunion?!  I have lost 2 lbs. Only 98 to go!!! :)  Remain fat and sassy!!  Is anyone else feeling old?
Susan Bolton Muglich
Posted on the 2018-01-03 at 19:00
Just wanted to let you know that Marsha Bolton Snyder, Class of 1968, passed away on Dec. 22, 2017.
Doug Steiner
Posted on the 2017-11-13 at 19:00
I am so embarrassed that I didn't read this in the past.  What a great site! Thanks to all that had a hand in it's development and maintenance.  I haven't seen some of the pictures for so many years!  Sure did bring back some great memories.  Thanks Dan
Doug Hauff
Posted on the 2017-10-05 at 20:00

Class of FHS '68,
I've created a beautiful 8 X 10 & 11X14 ink drawing of FHS.
8 X 10 is $10 and the 11X 14 is $15. Please contact me at
or call me at (513) 406-0007 for further info.
Doug Hauff FHS '65
Ian hill
Posted on the 2017-05-20 at 20:00
Hello all, I was doing some research and came across this page. My father was Bruce Hill and he would have been 18 in 68 so I think someone may know him. If anyone has old stories or pictures please send them to me. Sadly my dad passed in 2012. Anything is greatly appreciated. My Email Is
Michael Hutmier
Posted on the 2017-04-05 at 20:00
This is certainly a great feature. Hats off to everyone who worked to help keep the class of 68 entertained with pictures, and events from the past, as well as building excitement for our 50th reunion. 
I want to take the opportunity to shamelessly promote my new EP which is titled " Not A Minute Too Soon"  You can download it on iTunes. All you have to do is search using title or type in Hutski. Also on Spotify and Napster. Let me know what you think. Thanks

Mike Hutmier
Tricia (Pat little)Knudson
Posted on the 2017-02-15 at 19:00
This site is great. So much fun watching how the orgainzation of the reunion is coming together. Appreciate all your hard work Dan. Also thanks to all other committee members. Takes alot of leadership to keep the ball rolling. The reunion will be lots of fun and will create more memories for all.
Pat Rose Nichols
Posted on the 2017-02-04 at 19:00
Site is great, Dan. Thanks to all and the continued updates. Hope to see everyone next summer.
Debbie Harber (Brooks)
Posted on the 2016-12-03 at 19:00
Jenny Brooks passed away November 9,2011
Sue Carter Evans
Posted on the 2016-10-11 at 20:00
This is a great site!  I have reallly enjoyed the pictures and the memories.  The Memorials section is very nice and sad at the same time.  We will miss every one of those who have passed.  Got a kick out of the Loos pictures.  I don't think I still have most of those class pictures. (What was my Mother thinking with my hair!!!) Thank you Dan and those who put this together.  It is a really wonderful site.
Debbie Pritchett Lueders
Posted on the 2016-08-26 at 20:00
It was a great trip down memory lane checking out your new website. Great job! Thanks for including so many of the class photos I sent you.I too was saddening by seeing so many of our HS friends had passed. All the more reason to plan to attend the 2018 reunion!
Margaret Kerman Robinson
Posted on the 2016-08-26 at 20:00
Lovely looking back in time at our class pictures and the memories. Great job Dan and thank you for keeping our class together all these years. I'm sadden by all the classmates we have lost over the years.They will all be in our thoughts and prayers.
Dwight (Stomoff) Geer
Posted on the 2016-08-25 at 20:00
Excellent Job to everyone who put this together, and expecially you Dan for keeping the class and the memories alive.  As I looked through the 'Memorials' section I was saddened; not only by how many folks we have lost, but that so many of them were people I knew and who were my friends.  Hope to be able to make the reunion...#2018
Marcia Pabst Calhoun
Posted on the 2016-08-21 at 20:00
Big font for old eyes. Why do I still feel this young on the inside?!     :)

Great site Dan, thanks for your efforts!
Dan Miller
Posted on the 2016-08-17 at 20:00
Fabulous work on this site. Wishing excellent health to all my classmates! See you at the reunion.
Darrell Middleton
Posted on the 2016-08-16 at 20:00
Congrats on the website.  I think we will all enjoy it. Would someone send me more info on Susie Walters passing, Thanks
Dee Dee Matthews Edwards
Posted on the 2016-08-16 at 20:00
What a great job Dan!  It was nice and sad to go through the different areas.  Really enjoyed the pics with those deceased to help me remember their faces which I then recognized them all.  We had a great class and those four years gave me great memories!  The effort that went into establishing this site is very much appreciated.  Thanks again!! Go Bucks!!  
Tom Kender
Posted on the 2016-08-14 at 20:00
Site looks great.