Missing mates
(immage borrowed from Class of 1967 web ste)

We have tried to find all of our classmates but we need your help. Please look over the list below. If you have any information on these, please go to the "Questions and Comments" page and send to us.

Ken Aller
Karen "Elaine" Dean
Marlene Faye Eldridge
Phyllis Jean Bowers Emery
Beverly Lynn Green
Lynda Marie Green
David Jean
Cindy Ketring
John Kuhn
Deborah Irene Fisher McCoy
Michael Dale Miles
Hank Mislan
Rose "Alice" Osborn
Bill Pendergast
Bob Philips
Charles Settles
Patricia Lynn Vaughn Snider
Joyce Trader
Olibia A. "Bia" Pahules White

Patricia E. Arntfield Young